Educational Trips Policy for 6th Grade Geography

Family trips during the school year can be fun and educational for both students and parents. We encourage family trips and urge parents to use this time to become more involved in their child’s geographic education. Observing locations, landmarks, and travel routes; learning to use road maps, GPS, train and subway schedules; taking photos of the places you explore together; these are all ways to further your child’s knowledge and appreciation of our world.

Students have a choice of what assignments to do on an educational trip. They can choose to complete all the w

orksheets, guided readings, and quizzes that the rest of the class will do while they are away. Or as an alternative, they may choose to give a 5-minute oral report to the class when they return.

Students are encouraged to take pictures of their journey and write down notes about the interesting places, peopl

e, and events they encounter. They can also collect brochures, maps, and souvenirs to show


with their presentation. To show digital photos to the class, simply email them to Mr. Lewis. We can then show them on the digital projector in class. They may even want to make a PowerPoint, iMovie, or Moviemaker slide show to tell about their experience.

Students who fail to make a five-minute presentation to their class will be responsible for all make-up work. Please email or call Mr. Lewis if you have any questions.